Water, lemon and bicarbonate: properties and benefits

Are you feeling good? Drink some water, lemon, and baking soda.

How many times have you received this response from mom, grandmother or an old aunt? In fact, hot water, lemon and bicarbonate represent one of the classic do-it-yourself remedies to be used immediately in a large number of circumstances, practically for the most varied types of problems.

The reason is easily explained: drinking water, lemon and bicarbonate helps regulate numerous basic functions of the body , is able to detoxify, helps digest, gives relief in case of inflammation , in short, to provide help in various situations of discomfort.

Of course, it is not that taking water, lemon and bicarbonate is good in all cases and in every situation, indeed. The important thing is to know properly the methods of intake and application effectiveness of this drink.

The effects of drinking water, lemon and baking soda

Perhaps it is the most classic situation of use: water, lemon and bicarbonate to digest .

A teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water, a few drops of lemon and everything runs smoothly.

Baking soda helps digestion by reducing the amount of acid that inflames the stomach and can also enter the esophagus. Lemon serves to increase its effects and potency .

For these same reasons, the effectiveness of lemon water and bicarbonate is unquestionable for gastritis, nausea and other stomach problems.

The mix represented by these three ingredients helps purify the body and eliminate excess toxins, responsible for less bearable ailments.

If you have cystitis or kidney problems

Water, lemon and bicarbonate are also excellent in case of kidney and urinary problems.

Preparing and drinking a glass of this drink after meals serves to alkalize the body , helping the kidneys in their task and filtering the blood better.

The urine, in this way, arrives in the bladder with fewer impurities and therefore the risk that it can undergo infections is lowered.

A cure-all for the liver

This drink is also great for liver health . Drinking water, lemon and bicarbonate on an empty stomach helps this essential organ for the proper functioning of the whole body to perform its purifying functions better.

The secret, in this case, lies in the vitamin C contained in high percentages in lemon juice in combination with the antioxidants present in sodium bicarbonate.

Water, lemon and baking soda for weight loss: does it work?

But that’s not all: lemon water and bicarbonate make you lose weight, obviously together with a correct diet.

The mechanism of action is always the same: eliminating toxins and elements that can more easily inflame the body, water retention and intestinal swelling are also eliminated .

Excess fat will burn better and your metabolism will benefit from it, losing weight more easily.

The side effects of water, lemon and baking soda

In short, it’s really true: lemon water and bicarbonate really seem the ingredients at the base of every self-respecting elixir of long life .

But is it really so, or is there some contraindication to take into account?

As a rule, it is highly recommended to drink water, lemon and bicarbonate on an empty stomach, since otherwise this drink can cause the same symptoms that it can fight so effectively: nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, intestinal problems .

Also be careful if you suffer from ulcers, irritations of the gastric mucosa or other stomach diseases: the effects could be aggravated.

Particular attention should also be paid to the consumption of lemon water and bicarbonate during pregnancy and by people subject to hypertension: many doctors, on the contrary, strongly advise against drinking this mixture due to the particular composition of sodium bicarbonate, especially if associated with other drugs taken concomitantly.

Daniel Bishopp

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