The Bridgertons Chronicle: These 5 Beauty Trends We Want To Try

Adapted from the novels of Julia Quinn, “The Chronicle of the Bridgertons” breaks records on Netflix. The series, which is reminiscent of the world of Gossip Girl, immerses us in the high London society of the 19th century. The historical-romantic atmosphere, period costumes but also beauty trends from the program fascinate many spectators. If the wardrobe worn by Daphne Bridgerton makes her one of the first fashion icons of 2021 , her beauty treatments are not left out. According to a Stylight report, not only make-up but also the sporting routine of certain characters influence the behavior of certain spectators.


At the time, blush was the key element in beauty treatments. Whether it’s pink, bright red or orange, it’s back in our lives. Proof of this, clicks for the blush category on Stylight have increased 148% since the series launched.


On the hair side, the female and male characters revive many trends. The men wear sideburns wonderfully, some women, including the queen, display XXL wigs and others opt for vintage accessories in tune with the times such as the headband . Result? + 42% of clicks on the keyword according to Stylight.


Same story, for the headbands . Blair Waldorf’s favorite accessory is making a real comeback in the series. Whether colorful or patterned, women wear it on every outing. What make us want to rehabilitate it! Interest in headbands increased by 18% on international Stylight platforms.


On prom nights, women from 19th century London high society loved to step onto the dance floor with elaborate hairstyles. In the series, the high bun is the quintessential evening hairstyle. We copy Daphne Bridgerton and we dare it with a few wavy locks at each end of the face.


If love stories have a very important place in the series, the dance scenes punctuate each episode. On the men’s side, boxing is the flagship sport. “The Bridgertons Chronicle” gives us some ideas to get back in shape and start the New Year off right!

Daniel Bishopp

Daniel U. Bishopp joined LA MODE in November 2020 to work on the features team covering fashion, culture, food and drink and technology in print and online. Before that, he worked for STYLE ME AFRICA.