How Wedding Ceremonies suffocate Marriages, Leading to Divorce In Recent Times


Many causes, including incompatibility in social and sexual life, loss of marital trust, third-party syndrome, economic disruptions, to name a few are responsible for the occurrence of crises in marital homes. The effects of marital crises were described to include: poor mental, emotional and physical health of couples and their children, physical violence and danger to partners’ lives, worsening of social vices and crimes such as substance abuse, abduction, trafficking, de-schooling of crisis-ridden and broken-home children has ignited Maritial Crisis in the Nigerian Society.

Marriage is a commitment of a lifetime that needs discipline, mental health, stamina and empathy to succeed, but the lavish wedding ceremonies of today seem to totally antagonize the real truth.

The social networking impulses of a woman distract her from her actual skills, as a consequence of the raging desire to replace her friends or perceived enemies as the strongest. And it’s like a Messi & Ronaldo affair when it comes to weddings. For the sake of an unrivalled class, pride and purposeful egotism, she firmly orchestrates a prop that will make her marriage better for her parents.

In the circus of strain, men have bathed their ego just to fulfil the demands of a wedding that lasted for a few hours. Don’t hesitate to take note of the men dancing with their heads looking at the floor at their wedding receptions, where some used the opportunity to think about how to settle debts after the wedding.

To help pay these debts, man does not depend entirely on wedding presents (monetary gifts) as most guests come empty-handed, but eat and hands-up free drinks (s). So as a way out of this insane debt, you can’t even rely on gifts.

Younger women are not alone after the process of solemnity and well-wishing gestures when weddings take place, they centre their lenses on the decorations, the combination of colours, the kind of songs performed, the invited class of guests and above all, the dressing of the Bride (Ultimate). Often through his buddies and a chain of best men, they also weigh the standard of the groom. But we should not forget: when it comes to material arrangements, people are not equal, that we must take into account.

Photo by Kanayo Adibe; Planning by Feyisola Ogunfemi of Statuesque Events

So in order to help prepare the budget for the wedding, women should strive to consider the environment of the groom’s wallet. This will decrease the strain and show off more than life, thereby saving the life of a very shallow pocket. Do not, please destroy what is already gone.

Men must swallow their pride and depend on their pockets to work. They know what can generate their strength. It’s a celebration, you can’t go into wedding plans and borrow a big sum of money like it’s an investment. You can simply find effective event planners to help you out if you can’t plan, or just be humble.

The husband and wife have to come down to earth, to prevent future turmoil, they have to inject each other with their truth. In asking for help from loved ones, there is no damage, I think you should ask for help, it could go a long way for you, potential couples.

Wedding Ceremonies help share the union with people who you think want to share your happiness, let’s not confuse a need for want. Marriage is a blessing. They’re so similar, but they’re very different words).

This is going to hurt, I know, but I think it’s for the best. You don’t have to get married if you haven’t decided which one you want the most: marriage or wedding? Because a plush marriage isn’t necessarily going to make a good marriage. The “I do” moments at the wedding will not fix the trying moments in the marriage. It’s better, therefore to call a spade a spade.

Source The Gazette Nigeria