Hey Guys,

Listen, if you were not in love with the head-wrap as a Muslim woman then I know that once you go through this look-book you would rush to the store to get your own collection – and this welcome them into your wardrobe. While a lot of Muslim women interpret the necessity of using the head-wrap, those who have chosen to go this route have upgraded the way in which they style the Hijab.
Edna is a young upcoming influencer and already she has turned our heads; consider what’s in this look-book to be the latest Muslimah head-wrap style ideas because really where have you seen a plethora of styles this great before?
Anyways, without further Ado, it’s best you go through what we’ve selected fro you…
Hijab Styles | Look-Book

African Print


Flame Thrower

Earth Toned

Fire-Earth Toned

Lacey Trims

White Invade
These latest Hijab styles are colourful and bright. We love how Edna was able to give off such fantastic interpretation of how being a Muslimah should not stop you from maintaining style rather it should motivate you to be even more creative.
We do hope that you have been inspired by what you are seeing; tell us your favourite look below…