Gel Nails 2021: 5 shapes and colors that you absolutely must try

The colorful and increasingly convoluted nail art continues to improve. And the 2021 gel nail trends prove it . The merit? It goes to 2020, which has allowed us to work on manicures at home, both on the expert front * who have been able to study new social friendly trends , and on that of simple manicure addicts who, thanks to DIY gel nail kits , have refined nail artist techniques. So here are 5 shapes and colors declined in different manicures that will give their best in the 2021 gel nail version. All pop, ranging from bubblegum pink to pastel shades, with one diktat: personalization.

Bubblegum pink

The pink is the color of good humor. No wonder its demand, in all its 50+ shades, is skyrocketing. The nuance to focus on, however, is the one that recalls chewing gum, between magenta and fluo.
RECOMMENDED SHAPE: rounded or ballerina .

Cow print

Forget the leopard print for a moment, at least on the nails. The real star print of 2021 is the cow’s coat . But with a little imagination. Yes to the classic black and brown prints, but also pastel as they loved to wear in the 2000s.
RECOMMENDED SHAPE: rounded or almond shaped .

Pastel multicolor

Learning to think outside the box was the necessity of 2020. So, even when it comes to nail trends, the classic one-color manicure is no longer enough to lift the mood. For this reason the mismatched are very popular , but no longer just glossed with color. They crave funny designs, with infinite possibilities.
RECOMMENDED SHAPE: Squoval or rounded.

Literary Nails

Express yourself to relieve stress. Even through the nails, writing on it what you like best. It is as true for the title of a Billie Eilish song as it is for a declaration of love.
RECOMMENDED SHAPE: square or ballerina.

Black on white

There are those who do not like shades in the middle and those who prefer something simple but personalized. Thus, on the manicure side, the combination of black and white returns to excel, with design graphics.
RECOMMENDED SHAPE: rounded or squoval .

Daniel Bishopp

Daniel U. Bishopp joined LA MODE in November 2020 to work on the features team covering fashion, culture, food and drink and technology in print and online. Before that, he worked for STYLE ME AFRICA.