Galant Cutecut CEO’s Husband Wows Her With Surprise At 35th Birthday Party

Umejiofor Onyinye, the CEO, Galant Cutecut was wowed by her husband, Anthony Umejiofor (Ezeudo) as she turned 35 yesterday.

The “gallant” celebrant was first surprised at ANNS Restaurant Maitama, Abuja where she had a dinner party with friends and loved ones around. Immediately after the dinner, the birthday took another phase of the groove as she was taken to Stopover Bar & Grills, Lokogoma for another surprise.

While speaking to newsmen the celebrant expressed joy and gratitude to all those who took out time to celebrate her. 

 “I am super delighted to have friends around who have come to celebrate with me. I feel amazed. I am actually 35 today… wow..yes. I am glad that people came to show their love and share this joy with me,” she said.

Umejiofor Anthony told newsmen that his wife has been good and goes for the best for others. He further wished her the good things he wishes himself.

“Galant is a brand. It’s not just a name or because she is my wife.

We decided to celebrate with her, that’s why it’s a surprise. “She has been humble, a good wife, unique and goes out for the best for others and not herself. “She is already full of life and so I wish her a good life, more money, and a fulfilled life.” Happy birthday Galant!

Source The Gazette Nigeria