Boko Haram members dead in failed attempt to attack in Gwoza, Borno

Boko Haram’s Gwoza Attack.
It was confirmed on Sunday that members of Boko Haram had targeted Gwoza, one of the largest villages in Borno, before the insurgency in 2014.

The attack was reported to have occurred about 10:00 pm, and it was learned that the terrorists were trying to infiltrate the hilly city in southern Borno, 155 km from the state of Maiduguri.

According to Micnaij, after about 24 hours that, ‘the attack spanned for about four hours,’ from a civilian source resident in the town.

‘They came with 14 gun trucks. They came through three directions: Gabisga, Guduf and Gadamayo, shooting sporadically. We even heard them shouting,’ the source explained.

Another source also refused permission to publish his/her name, gave the list of where the attempts were made as ‘Kurana base, Guduf, Pulka and Kusawwara.’

From the reports, we also heard that four of the terrorist gun trucks were destroyed by the army, overpowering and forcing them to flee.

A military officer, who also did not allow his name to be released according to Micnaij, confirmed the incident, saying ‘bhts (Boko Haram terrorists) tried to penetrate the protection at night, but God so kindly stood the troops on their ground and repelled the assault without sustaining any injury.’

The military source also explained that one of terrorists “trucks carrying of the members, fell for the plot as a suicide bomber among them detonated the explosives device strapped to his before making it troops’ positions, leaving so many of them dead.

‘Our men killed a lot of them but there is no specific number, mind you, many fled with major injuries and beside the exploded vehicle it was loaded with their members and they were all counted dead.’

Source The Gazette Nigeria